Let the Blogging commence. Just one week until we begin the Beeline walk. I hope to blog all through the 8 days with photos and snippets like this:

sitting outside surrounded by bee attractive plants, which are buzzing…..
borage, comfrey, foxgloves, raspberries, mimulus, beans, buttercups,
clover all being visited. no butterflies however, and the ladybird count is
still ONE in the past three years, not that they are pollinators I know.
when I went out at dusk last evening, there were dozens of small moths about
half an inch across, pale brown coloured…..need to look them up, but flying off
the grass heads.

in the warmth, too hot to do gardening today.


Don’t forget that you can join us on any of the legs we are walking and if that is not possible you can support us by Sharing our walk on social media and Donating at our Go Fund Me site.

Meg has begun training for the walk with support from Ewan and Pollaidh….here is a snippet of one of Meg’s reports to me whilst I am away on the road. More of these to follw.

Hallo Paul,

Today, following my visit to my lovely doctor and using common sense, Ewan and I and of course Pollaidh went for a training walk which we intend to do several times a week, so we can be sure to be fit. We decided we would do a portion of the John Buchan Way, starting at Stobo Kirk. We walked probably three and a half miles along the track towards Broughton until we were on the top of the hill from where I could recognise the route down towards Broughton Place. It was warm and not raining; there was a good set of wild flowers growing, but very few flying insects, though I did get bitten by horse flies a few times! we learned things we need. pedometer which works, compass and light, adequate waterproofs. At one point as part of the JBWay, we came to a flock of sheep penned in. I used my farm shepherding experience to keep Pollaidh very well controlled so all fine.

After lunch we set off back, covering the way we had come. After negotiating
the sheep flock and down on the edge of the wood, I noticed a range of bee hives which I had missed on the way out. interesting. a few minutes later a pick-up is  coming towards us, with a set of bee hives in the back. So we walked back on Ewans urging and met up with the bee keeper, a very friendly, talkative and informative man who keeps bees for the Botanics, for The Secret
Garden, on The John Buchan Way, and I think possibly Dawyck though we didn’t ask. He gave me his card, Mr Brian Pool. And, seeing his address, I recognised his cottage as being next door neighbour to Andrew Whitley at Mabie Hill! How about that for small worldness.

This Bee Line is already being interesting.
I am sure you will be walking Paul….wherever you are.

all good wishes, Meg, Pollaidh and Ewan……

Stay tuned for more folks….Let’s Make A Beeline

Paul x