More from Meg’s training diary……..

Dear Paul and Leoni

Ewan Polliadh and I did our third training walk, on the next part of the John Buchan Way, but in reverse for Bee Line. It was a good day, and there were lots of wild flowers
of different kinds according to the altitude, but still very few flying insects. We met
a pair who had walked to Brougton from Biggar on the disused railway line, which
we are planning for our next day next week.

I have been and got plans for the Biggar Bookshop with Chris McCosh. Hoping we will have Andrew Whitley and the bee man there, but have still to contact Brian Pool – that is a job for later.  Called into the Secret Herb Garden and met Hamish – who used to run the shop next door to Atkinson Price in Biggar and knows the area well – he lived at Wyndales Cottage until he went to Secret Herb Garden. Also met Jamie who I would have picked out of a crowd Leoni. He is keen to come for a ways with us if he is free. We can do a bit of drumming as a set off – they have a yurt which is used for this…..and someone called Carol who drums; expect you know her Paul

Hamish is a walker, or possibly runner – very slim and fit looking. I have lost a bit of weightas it happens. I asked him if he had been up a third way up Tinto Hill from St John’s Kirk Fm and he said he had. This will mean less road on our last day; I will get a larger scale map and checkit out.

That’s it for now.

Meg and Pollaidh