Tis the eve of the walk and I am driving North to Wiston….Meg, Ewan and Pollaidh have completed their walk training as below….please go to our Donations page and offer up a little honey for the Bees. Buzzin.

Yesterday on a warm and sunny day, Ewan, Pollaidh the collie and Megset off for our sixth training day.  We are working on the route for the final day 6th September, and decided we would start from the Carmichael Estate on the north side of Tinto Hill.  Having got permission, we walked through the estate woodland, then out onto a road for some three kilometres and then up over Howgate Pass.  After a break for a picnic we made our way up a very steep climb onto the ridge from West to East, for two hours to the top of Tinto Hill.  The whole walk turned out to be slightly longer than we were expecting, and in places very steep;  coming down from the top to Wallace’s Seat, in what was by this time a strong wind blowing us over sideways, was challenging; but we made it no problem though by the end, were all quite weary, except perhaps for Pollaidh the collie who was still able to explore and look for interesting smells around.  Five hours and some 12 kilometers, and too much steep hill for the last day of the Bee Line, we decided we must rethink the route.  No surprise that although there are flowers blooming, including three varieties of heather, on the hillside, there were few bees flying round us, one or two butterflies, and very few flying insects though Ewan found a ladybird at our lunch stop.  Finding a ladybird as a rare species scares me…….

But we got home safe and sound, and I lay and listened to the start of Any Questions, but missed the end.  And then was encouraged to read a quote from the G2 column in the Guardian about Woody Allen “every day, the industrious same;  wake,work, weight, treadmill, work, clarinet, work, supper, TV, sleep”.

Let’s Make a Bee Line