We began the morning this fine day with a return visit to the Secret Herb Garden. We were hoping there would be folk to drum us on our way but there were not. Not to be downhearted we went shopping. For herbs and flowers. Bee friendly ones. I also got to shoot another few bee pictures and thistle bee ma favourite 😉

Thistle Bee the One

The walk from the Secret Herb Garden was going to be about 4km of road and so we jumped in the van and headed to Lasswade to start further up the river vally, still making our 10km traget but enjoying more scenic pastures. Or so we thought.

Once more we discovered that the map is not the territory. Paths that existed on paper were hidden in reality under new building sites or behind padlocked gates. After a lot of faffing we ended up walking a mile or so on the roads anyhow, albeit prettier ones.

We passed a few urban bee friendly spots along the way.

urban bee garden 1

urban bee garden

At last we found a path from Polton that follwed the river along to Rosslyn, our lunch spot. The river Esk ahead of us now provided companionship now after the town walking.


The path now verdant and lush rolled out before us on the road to Rosslyn. We passed close by to Hewan Wood but sadly had no time to drop by and see the earthworks.

Polton to Roslin

Hewan Wood

We arrived in Rosslyn just in time for lunch and made our way to the chapel where we ate our own morning prepared rye/cheese/tomato sarnies and a selection of fruit, outside the lovely cafe and visitor centre due to the entry conditions!!!


No visit to the chapel then but I did snap some photos outside.

Rosslyn Chapel rosslyn chapel way

Rosslyn Chapel Window

Rosslyn was always on our route because of it’s Bee links. Yup…Bee Links.

After lunch we set of towards the river again, passing the ruins of Rosslyn Castle on the way and some breathtaking views towards the Pentland Hills.

Pentland View from Rosslyn

After a short time on the river we once again had to do some road work before we made it onto the Esk Valley Cycleway (footpath for us) This would provide us with a route to our final destination at Penicuik.

Esk Cycleway

We enjoyed a good spell of weather and some great views and a few Bees to.

viw from cycleway

path flowers

cycleway flowers

shining tree

cycleway bokeh

spider bokeh

bee flowers

road ahead

flower and fly

We also encountered a tunnel or two. Great photo opportunities.



tunnel vision

We arrived in Penicuik by late afternoon glimpsing the clock tower on the path down into the town.


The town gave us our final splash of colour before we met up with our hosts Roger and Jane who drove me back to our starting point so I could collect the van.

Flower Pots flowers end of the day

A good day of walking and a final Bee related note for you to think on. As we approached Penicuik we passed a sign for a local school. Relaxed education?


Tomorrow we will be at The Lost Gardens in Penicuik to help with Harvest for market day before we hit the road once again. Until then…Bee Happy.