Early morning rise, a drive to Stobo and a lift back from Julian who, en route, had time to show me the workshop where he makes his fabulous pipes. He also has a rather unusual planter in his workshop garden.

djembe garden

Julian also gifted me a beautifully carved small djembe with rings in tact. New skin coming soon! A wee stroll around town ended with a window shop test of my phone camera as my battery had died on the Pentax and the spare was now in the van in Stobo!!! Test succesful.

Buddha in Window

We then all assembled at The Secret Garden in Peebles town centre for our wave off and a glimpse of the wonderful garden flowers. An old friend of Meg and Ewan, Jan, who used to manage the program at Redhall was also there to see us away.

Handful of secret Garden

secret garden party

There was even a brass band and pipers but sadly not for us. It was Highland Games day in Peebles.

Brassed pipers

We were joined by Pat, Julian and Francoise for the walk. We climbed out of  Peebles towards the John Buchan way. Before long we had gained height and were out on the fells where we said our goodbyes to Pat and Julian.

on the hill

JnP Depart

*Special thanks to Pat Goodacre for her photos and her persistence in uploading them.

The remaining four walkers plus the ever energetic Pollaidh continued along the well marked route towards Stobo. Francoise is a Professor whose main research interest is the development of scientific approaches for the study of animals as whole sentient beings. Fascinating conversations ensued.

towards stobo

The walking was good and our pace was gentle. We took in the wide vistas and enjoyed good conversation and were prompted regularly by way-markers.

jbw the view ewan

After some time we encountered a mother and daughter who were cycling along the route. Olivia, the daughter, informed us that her Gran had a fabulous Bee friendly garden and she promised to send us a photo before agreeing to pose for a blog picture herself. We look forward to seeing Granny’s Garden.


After a stop for lunch we continued on to Stobo where we collected the van and headed for Dawyk Botanical Gardens. Here we chatted with the staff about all things Bee related and were pleased to notice a particular display in the shop.

buzz in backyard 50 ways

Coffe and cake was followed by a surprise visit from a friend, Margaret, who had tried unsuccessfully to hook up with us at Redhall and The Botanical Gardens in Edinburgh. She had brought some friends along.

foam bees

Tomorrow Margaret will walk the Stobo to Broughton leg with us along with other friends. Until tomorrow.

advice from a bee