Weather dry and sunny and cloudy in patches.  Started by a short visit to The Secret Herb Garden, but no drummers, so left with three small anise hyssop plants to add to our home bee friendly collection.

Then off in the van to Lasswade to find a safe park place for the van and had a challenging time finding the walking route by the Esk River.  But with help of good maps and compass were on our way.  We passed some interesting old buildings on either side of us and wonderful tall oak and beech trees and lower level brambles, just ripening in the hedges.


We made our way up and down some steep and narrow tracks through woodlands passing the agricultural research station ( famed for Dolly the sheep) and arrived in Roslyn in time for lunch break. We had hoped to visit Roslyn Chapel to look at the most special ancient building, but were shocked at the way it has been commercialised – no entry to chapel, café or even toilets without first paying £9 a person.

visitor centre

Such a difference since the last time I visited some ten years past.  So we sat on the bench outside and ate our picnics.

Then again after some difficulty, found our way onto the railway track, which was our easy and straight walk all the way on to Penicuik.  Some bee friendly flowers at the track sides and interesting levels over a viaduct, under tunnels, and along the ways meeting other walkers, cyclists, dogs and all.

meg and Ewan in tunnel

Towards Penicuik we started seeing new home building projects with no natural bee friendly aspects.

garden not

By 4.30 or so, we were in Penicuik and able to climb steep steps up into the town

stairs to Penicuik

We received a wonderful welcome from Jane and Roger Kelly and their household;  beautiful meal cooked by their ‘Help X’ volunteers from new Zealand and Germany.  Another good and interesting day….

end of the day