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Lost Species Day

A fine blog about the Sixth Mass Extinction and a day when we can be reflective about our way in the world.  

A date for your diary

Remembrance Day for Lost Species 2017 – Call for participants reblog source Earth is thought to be in the early stages of a Sixth Mass Extinction, caused by the actions of a single species: our own. November 30th is a... Continue Reading →

Clever Bees

Bees are better at problem solving than previously thought, and can learn tasks totally unlike their natural behaviour, say researchers. Check this article and video in the Guardian. Video and Article

Jessica Albarn’s Meadow Art

Crickets bounce, bees wobble, hoverflies dart and Jessica Albarn stands in the middle of her steep, sunny meadow and scrunches up her hands in delight. “Quite a bit of my work is about layers,” she says, crouching down to investigate... Continue Reading →

Bee-yond the Beeline Walk

So...the walk has happened...we raised a pile of cash ( currently at £2300 and rising...) what now? We intend to keep blogging about the Bee in all it's wonder. We have ideas about what we can do with the Beeline... Continue Reading →

The Hive at Kew

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