A page with information about Tinto Music and Arts and more Bee-links for you to explore:

Tinto Music and Arts is an organisation situated in the grounds of Wiston Lodge, set up in July 2014 by Meg Beresford with a view to meeting the following aims:

  • Promote and develop all forms of Music and Arts in Wiston and the surrounding rural community
  • To promote and develop traditional and contemporary forms of Scottish Folk Music and Arts
  • To provide education and training opportunities for musicians and artists, both local and international
  • To produce inspirational cultural music and arts experiences and collaborations
  • To develop links with existing providers and with the local and national education network
  • To explore the links between music, arts and ecology.
  • To create unique performance and workshop spaces that are environmentally sustainable and which provide a focal point for music and the arts

Please take a look around our site and check in on our BLOG for up to date information about the activities and events we will be offering.






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